Groove Life Thin Twilight Blossom Women's Silicone Band/Ring

Thin Twilight Blossom Women's Silicone Ring

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Worried about losing your wedding ring in the water? Working with your hands a lot and want a safer ring option? Tired of the traditional rings? Look no further!!!

Silicone rings are a great alternative to the traditional metal bands. Made of medical-grade synthetic elastomer blend they are quality rings that fit comfortably. With a rounded interior which lesons skin contact and adds breathabilty you won't even knkow your wearing it! To Top it all off they come with a NO BS Lifetime Warranty. That mean NO BS backed for LIFE. If you cut it, stretch it, break it, lose it the rings will be replaced, no questions asked. Please make sure you register your ring with Groove Life to take advantage of this great Lifetime Warranty. 

  • SIZING - Have a question about what size silicone ring you wear? Check out the sizing guide posted in the images. Inbetween sizes? We suggest you size up. You can also call our customer service department for more assistance! We would love for you to say hi!
  • NO BS LIFETIME WARRANTY - No BS Warranty means you're backed for LIFE. Cut it? Stretch it? Break it? Lose it? We will replace it, no questions asked! Reach out to us for more information.
  • BREATHABILITY - Our rounded interior lessens skin contact while our patented design allows air to flow in an moisture to flow out. Simple as that. No more sweaty finger.
  • COMFORT FIT - Rounded interior lessens skin contact. You won't even know you're wearing it!
  • QUALITY - Our medical-grade synthetic elastomer blend is unique to Groove Life Aspire, Nomad and Camo rings and watchbands. They may feel stiff when first purchased, but will soften over the first couple of weeks. If it's not for you, no worries, we will exchange it for something that fits your lifestyle.


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