About us

Socio (so sea oh) from its Latin origin refers to society in Socio Surf Company. Call us crazy (pun intended) but being able to work, support and thrive in the surf community is a true driver in our every day lives. Our priorities of what we stand behind is to find and manufacture high quality products, support small businesses who make this industry unique, and give back to the community that continues to grow and excite future generations. Our mission is to connect the surf community with the creators of the beautiful boards we love to ride. Our passion for the surf culture is unlike any other. Getting back to the roots of high quality and unique finds drives us to continue to support the small businesses and bring product to markets that would not normally be able to experience. 

The Ultimate Surfer:

Other than us surfers, pelicans enjoy nice long rides on the glassy surf. Each time you paddle out and await the set to roll in, these amazing creatures are showing off as they cruise along the coastline riding wave after wave. Gracefully they glide over the surf with feather tips grazing inches from the wave like a child running their fingers on the fence as they enter the playground. They fly in community as they support one another. Here at Socio we will embrace that same experience as we are so much like the pelican riding one amazing wave after another thriving in our unbelievable community. 

Sharing the love:

Our commitment is to support future generations in the surf community as we set the example and pave the road for them to follow.