Surfboard Volume Calculator

New to Surfing? Let us help guide you into a surf board size that is right for you. Surf board sizes are calculated in floatation volume. Based on your skill level and your weight range there are a variety of surfboard sizes that work well for you. In general if you are new to the sport you will be better of with a surfboard with slightly higher volume for your weight range. Surf boards with a higher volume allow you to paddle easier which in turn makes it easier and takes less energy to catch waves. As you become comfortable surfing and would like to increase performance you are able to get out of your surfboard you can drop down in volume. With a smaller volume board for your weight range it will take a bit more energy to paddle but you will get performance improvements such as easier turning and bit faster speed down the waves. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions! 

The table below provides a guide based on Weight and Skill level what Volume of Surfboard you should be looking into. Volumes are represented in Liters.